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By combining a rapid in-vessel composting technology, with an intermediate materials recycling facility (MRF) and a back-end energy recovery technology such as gasification/pyrolysis, it is possible to have the best of both recycling and energy recovery.

The composting system releases and cleans the plastics and metals from the wet organic materials ready for the MRF to separate the biodegradable from non-biodegradable fractions whilst recovering recyclable materials. Appropriate energy generation technologies can then be used to convert the biodegradable fraction into renewable energy and any non-recyclable plastics into "brown" energy to run the facility. This results in an energy self-sufficient process that exports a significant amount of green energy and has a negative carbon footprint.

To prevent process odours escaping to the local environment the odourous parts of the process are housed in a building that is maintained under negative air pressure by continuously extracting air that is sent to a biofilter for cleaning prior to venting the clean odourless air to atmosphere.

BioEnergy Process
The pure BioEnergy process utilises a two day rapid in-vessel composting phase prior to separating the biodegradable fraction from the non-biodegradable fraction using a simple trommel screen. The Overs from the trommel consist of metals, plastics and larger inert materials from which the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered for recyling. The remaining residuals are then shipped out for further processing after baling if required.

The Unders from the trommel screen contain a renewable energy content in excess of 90% qualifying it as biomass. This material is then destoned if required before being dried to produce a consistent, homogenous feedstock for either a gasifier of pyrolyser dependent on its nature. The gas from the gasifier/pyrolyser is then cleaned and used to drive a gas engine of turbine dependent on the size of the installation. Waste heat from the gasifier and engine/turbine is used to power the dryer to minimise energy wastage.


BioSynEnergy Process
The BioSynEnergy process can be used to generate "brown" energy from the non-recyclable fraction of the Trommel Overs which normally produces all the power required to run the facility and often will have sufficient additional energy to export along with the renewable "green" energy. The BioSynEnergy process utilises the same front-end processes but instead of shipping the residues off site for further processing, this plastic rich fraction is pyrolysed to cleanly generate energy. This replaces energy that would otherwise have to be imported from the grid.

The BioSynEnergy process also reduces waste miles as the residues that have to be shipped off site are greatly reduced.

The BioSynEnergy process could be used to recover landfill void space by mining the landfill and using it as an energy reserve. Obviously care must be taken to ensure that no hazardous materials are used as feedstock.

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