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Project funding can at first seem either easy or impossible.

The first thing to recognise is that it is not easy, you can't just go to your local bank and ask for £Xm to fund what, to you, would appear to be a sure fire winner. Most local banks do not have the experienced staff to evaluate such a business plan, nor do they normally think in the sums of money that are required for typical 50,000 - 200,000 waste to energy projects. Your project will need funding by specialist banking departments or other funding institutions, many of which are located in the City of London banking area.

SES has developed close links with many City banks and funders that have a ready appetite for Waste to Energy and biomass energy projects.

However, before your project can be presented to potential funders they will want to receive a properly structured Business Plan (BP) and Financial Model (FM). They will also want to know that the company that has been set up to run the venture is appropriately structured and has all the required legal contracts in place or at least finalised ready for signature. This includes: a site with planning permission; contracted waste streams; off-take contracts for all output materials; and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). They will also want to know that preliminary discussions have been undertaken with the Environment Agency to licence the site once operational.

The funding institutions will also look for a guarantee that the project will get built, commissioned and deliver according to the predicted performance criteria used to build the FM. This is typically provided by a large Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) company with very large turnover in the region of £1bn or greater per year. SES partner with a multi-billion dollar EPC company based in the UK and the USA but with experience worldwide.

SES and our partners have many years of structuring projects for financing both in the UK and overseas. We also have experience of alternative ways of funding using the project's assets which can considerably improve the early years' cash-flows. We also work with insurance companies that can structure insurance wraps to reduce the funders risk exposure.

We will be happy to prepare your project for funding, see steps 1-5 of Projects and to then introduce the project to our various funding partners once we are happy with its structuring.

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