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Process and technology selection is all about determining the most appropriate processes dependent upon the end products required and the most appropriate technologies for converting the materials to be recovered. This will be dependent upon the available markets for the recovered materials and the local demand for energy.


Waste Reduction for Quick Start improvements in your company's 'bottom line'.


Clean dry source separated organic materials lend themselves to either open windrow or in-vessel composting.


Wet organic materials lend themselves to Anaerobic Digestion (AD).


Dry calorific materials lend themselves to gasification or pyrolysis depending on their nature.

Pyrolysis of biodegradable material tends to result in a large amount of char production. If the processed feedstock is clean source separated material, this char can be used as a long-term source of soil organic carbon, a very valuable resource or if the processed material is from mixed waste then the char can be used as a filter carbon, carbon black or charcoal for industrial furnaces or gasifiers.

All of the above factors need to be taken into consideration when determining the most efficient use of the materials upon which to build your business plan to deliver bankable financial returns.

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