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From Owners Engineer to Consulting Engineer, from technology due diligence (DD) to Financial DD, SES delivers value beyond engineering, supporting projects at each stage of the journey.

Our strategic alliance with supply and installation companies and a multi-billion dollar EPC engineering and construction company enables SES to guide you through the whole project development process from your initial concept to final build-out and commissioning. Respected legal partnerships ensure that the project is correctly structured for funding by our collaborating banks and funding institutions.

1. Pre-Feasibility Study

A high level initial appraisal to quickly evaluate project viability:


- Site appraisal and selection
- Suggest suitable technologies
- Consideration of CHP and district heating
- Initial economic appraisal
- Review Government subsidies
- Indentify regulatory framework
- Waste stream review and recycling study


2. Feasibility Study

High level evaluation of identified technologies and supplier companies:


- Refined list of technologies
- Desktop DD of technologies
- Issue technology performance questionnaires
- Conduct company economic reviews
- High level Cap Ex and OpEx budgets
- Produce weighted technology selection matrix
- Shortlist technology providers
- Identify environmental constraints


3. Contractual Due Diligence

Detailed review of manufacturer and operational facilities:


- Site visit to manufacturer
- Reference site visit
- Review of manufacturing standards
- Verification of operational Mass-Energy balance
- Refined CapEx and OpEx budgets
- Environmental DD


4. Preliminary Economic Forecasts

Funders initial economic model:


- Carbon footprinting
- Preliminary economic performance forecast
- Indicative P&Ls, cashflows and DSCRs for funding
- Indicative IRRs for equity partners
- Introduction to funding institutions


5. Corporate Legal Advice

Our bank recognised legal associates produce contracts acceptable to senior debt providers:


- Equity and JV partnership agreements
- Feedstock supply agreements
- Power purchase agreements
- Heat supply agreements
- Funding terms and agreements


6. Outline Designs

Design preparation for planning:


- Outline structural designs by our design partners
- 3D models and photo montages
- Initial construction budgets
- Initial equipment budgets
- Spatial planning and design optimisation
- Noise and nuisance modelling and mitigation


7. Planning and Permitting

Preparation of the planning application:


- EIA screening and scoping
- Preparation of EIA and ES
- Landscape and visual impact assessment
- Stakeholder engagement
- Planning statement
- Environmental permitting
- Inquiry evidence documentation


8. Fundraising

Presentation to major funding institutions:


- Detailed economic forecasts
- Business plan
- Introduction to funders
- In principal funding agreements
- Financial DD


9. Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)

In partnership with a multi-billion dollar EPC construction and engineering company we undertake detailed design for construction and procurement:


- Structural engineering
- Process engineering
- Landscape architecture
- Highways and transportation
- Detailed geotech
- Heat & Power systems and infrastructure


10. Procurement Specification

Develop full procurement specifications and receive bids from established supply chain:


- Procurement specifications
- Invitations to tender
- Tender evaluations


11. CDM


- Client’s CDM coordinator
- Review construction plan
- Health & Safety review
- Maintain Health & Safety file


12. Project Management


- Establish project timeline
- Determine critical path
- Project tracking
- Stagegate reviews
- Final sign off


13. Commissioning/Acceptance Trials


- Performance modelling & verification
- Performance optimisation
- Compliance with acceptance criteria


14. Operation and Maintenance


- Training of operating team
- Comparison with predicted performance
- Maintenance scheduling
- Re-optimisation of performance

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