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Waste Reduction


All processes will produce some waste, the challenge is to minimize that waste and to reap the rewards. In many cases there are simple solutions that will bring about major cost savings, once those costs have been identified. In other instances machines can be re-engineered and retrofitted with high efficiency, computer controlled drive systems that save material wastage, increase throughput and reduce energy consumption.

By identifying and quantifying your company’s waste costs, in a staged approach, we can rapidly and economically provide the information that you require to start making cost savings.

An SES Waste Audit can bring rapid returns by identifying unnecessary wastage and recommending immediate waste saving opportunities.

Once SES has started saving you money why not let us take you to the next stage and implement an ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). Many larger customers require their supplies to have an EMS in place as it makes auditing their own EMS so much easier.

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